Design philosophy

Architecture needs to start from
an idea.

The idea is not a form, but a spiritual principle. The idea as the driving force of the design process is always generated out of the specific geography of a project. The geography is always dependent of the specific parameters of the design. This is the sum of all distinctive impacts as site, landscape, climate and light just as the topics of sustainability, social environment, functionality and economy. In the best of cases the project generates itself autonomously and innovatively.

This design method originates projects with distinctive atmosphere and identity. We develop complex and condensed architectural landscapes with a strong relation to their surroundings.

Bergwelt im Salzburger Land. Foto: Berger+Parkkinen Architekten

Our work deals with the expansion of possibilities. An innovative environment influences the way we act and live. On this level buildings exercise a sustainable influence on the society. Every built space is a ‘fixing’. New space has to avoid the mistake of mono-functional design. It has to open possibilities. We design buildings analogue to living organisms that revolve constantly by the movement, the views and the life within and around.

See bei Inari in Lappland. Foto: Berger+Parkkinen Architekten