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Swimmingpool and Kurhaus, Salzburg, Austria
Client: Stadtgemeinde Salzburg, KKTB Kongreß, Kurhaus & Tourismusbetriebe der Stadt Salzburg, Client’s representative: Stadt Salzburg Immobilien GmbH, Operator: Tourismus Salzburg GmbH (TSG)
GFA: 10.973 m² above ground level

The new Paracelsusbad (swimming pool and spa facility) forms a joint between the late 19th century block structure of Auerspergstraße, the open development on Schwarzstraße, and the historic park known as the Mirabellgarten that developed gradually over the course of time. The geometry of the swimming pool building is swivelled towards the park, making a reference to the vanished walls of the Baroque bastion and the moats that were filled in.

As an echo of the old town fortifications and the bastion known as the “Wasserbastei”, which has survived to the present day, the swimming facility is conceived as an accessible extension to the Kurgarten. The swimming level on the third floor becomes part of the park. The three main elements of the building form a clearly legible vertical layering: the rather introverted Kurhaus (spa building) forms a plinth approximately eleven metres high. The uppermost, apparently hovering part of the building contains the restaurants and sauna facilities. The actual swimming pool is a completely glazed and open space that looks as if it has been carved out between the other two volumes.