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Urban Villa PH35
Vienna-Pötzleinsdorf, 2014-2017
Project implemented by: PH35 real estate GmbH, Vienna
Gross floor area: 1.500 m2
The site for the apartment building PH35 lies directly on the hill between Neustift am Walde in the north and Pötzleinsdorf in the south of Vienna. The city centre spreads out below in a marvellous panorama – framed by the hills of the Vienna Woods.

The architecture of the building responds with a number of clear references to this special location at the point of transition from urban space to the open landscape. The elegant design follows the principles of modernism. The continuous balconies establish a flowing connection between the living rooms in the interior and the private outdoor spaces in front of them. Generous amounts of glazing bring the magnificent panorama deep inside the living rooms. At the same time the balanced relationship between glazing and protective areas of solid wall give the living rooms a sufficiently intimate quality and ensure that the spaces can be easily used in a variety of ways.