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Housing "Der Rosenhügel"
Housing with Christoph Lechner & Partner ZT GmbH
Vienna, Austria 2014 - 2017
Invited competition, 1st prize
Client: Rosenhügel Entwicklungs-, Errichtungs- & Verwertungsgesellschaft vertreten durch Strauss & Partner Development GmbH und Immovate Projektentwicklungs GmbH
GFA: 23.100 m²
A sequence of buildings, of different scales, occupies the open space to develop a fine texture of smooth spaces. The houses allow the landscape to flow through until the Speisinger Straße, with lots of different views and routes. The scale of the houses merges within the quarter. The development of the elevation of the floors is with G+2 until maximum G+4 straight forward. Above there are two recessed roof levels.

Based on the forms of the houses, as well as the variations of floors and heights, the apartment blocks offer a big diversity, in addition to equal structure and sustainable construction. The main feature is the wide range of different floor plans. The oscillating form of the rounded balconies give the buildings a certain lightness and allows the borders of the building to dissolve. Consequently, the surface broach in west-south direction offer privacy towards neighbors.

The form of the garden spaces around the houses creates a differentiation between public, semipublic and private areas. The open space in the heart of the complex is an invitation to all residents for meeting and promoting community.