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Nouveau Parlement Lausanne
New parliament building
Lausanne, Switzerland
Invited competition
GFA: 2.900 m2
The new cupola of the parliament reestablishes the skyline of Lausanne which had lost an important part in a fire. The restoration of the existing building to its historical walls makes the history of the site legibly.

To avoid a blending of the different ages and the blurring of the historical traces, the new elements are deliberately contrasting. At the same time the project aims for integration in the ensemble where a beginning and an end are not traceable. It becomes one of a number of interventions through the time forming this unique ensemble.

A new integrative identity emerges combining old and new. The tradition of huge wood structures found in the surrounding historical buildings is followed up in the construction of the new cupola. Although the cupola is morphological transformed by superposing it with the historical walls it does not lose its iconographic appearance.