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Jabal Omar Development
Urban development concept with hotels, housing, malls
and public facilities
Mecca, Saudi Arabia 2006
GFA: 600.000 m2
The impressive and dramatic shape of the Jabal-Omar complex forms a landscape on its own. Seen from far away, it appears as a huge dented rock within the hills surrounding Mecca. It arises over the horizon like a mirage – as an image of lightness emerging from the natural topography of the hill. The vision is materialized in the combination of two pure materials: natural stone and stainless steel.

In respect of the total, every building has to follow a precise canon of materials and colours assigned to the respective position within the complex. The layers of colours appear like sediment layers from a cut through natural soil. An additional layer of patterned stainless steel is applied on the elevations of the tall volumes above the podiums. This extra layer gives the Jabal-Omar complex a unique aura of spirituality and light.