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Villa V6
Reconstruction and extension
Vienna, Austria 2000-2005
GFA: 1.500 m²
The Villa is situated in a residential suburb in the western outskirts of Vienna next to the ‘Wienerwald’ forest. The origins of the old house date back to the 19th century, when the area was still populated by vintners. An extension to the west in 1987 and the new annex on the east side completed in 2006 transformed the old vintner house to a villa inhabited by three generations.

The design of the new annex was inspired by the memory of a barn next to the old house. The cubic mass of the new ‘barn’ appears to be separated from the old house by a gap. But only at the very first glance. In fact, a stairwell extending beyond the glazed gap of the entrance area brings the new box and the old hipped roof together. The idea of transparency and controlled light and visibility are central themes of the design.

The windows can be closed with heavy louvers that echo the wooden cladding of the façade, and causing the openings to disappear. In fact, the effect is the same as with perforated sheet metal: You can see out, but you can’t see in.

The new part houses a flat in the ground floor and a studio upstairs. It is within the street facing sauna that the real highlight of the timber façade becomes apparent: glass strips inserted between the pine beams create a subtle ambivalence between enclosure and transparency in this intimate space.