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Communal building „Felleshus“
Berlin Tiergarten,
Germany 1996 – 2012
Client: The five Nordic Countries
GFA: 2.500 m2
The Embassy complex of the five Nordic countries is situated in the center of Berlin at the fringes of the „Tiergarten Park”. The area includes six – comparatively small buildings – of which one is called “Felleshus” and is used mutually. As an autonomous element a copper-band binds all six buildings together – forming the Nordic Embassies.

The house for joint activities is called „Felleshus“, which already hints at its spirits:
It is a „house for all“, a place for congregation, both for members of the embassies as well as for visitors and people from Berlin. The “Felleshus” is a place for cultural exchange and information. As the entrance building to the complex it is the most visited part of the Nordic embassies. A wide range of activities can take place in an auditorium, exhibition spaces, conference and VIP dining rooms. A restaurant functions as the central meeting place for embassy staff members. The consular sections of all five countries are located here.

The volume of the “Felleshus” is characterized by its relatively closed wooden facades that oppose the glazed open spaces in the interior of the building. At night time the activities taking place in the house appear as a fragmented image through the characteristic slatted wood facade.

Over the years the “Felleshus” has been again and again adapted to the changing demands of a modern cultural- and event-center. Due to the steadily increasing amount of visitors – around 100.000 per year – amongst others the restaurant was extended, a new guidance system designed and the foyer was partly transformed to an info-center including a shop.

AIT prize „Best of Europe: Office – Die Bilanz“, 2004
DuPont Benedictus Award, category best administration building, 2003
Finalist of the Mies van der Rohe Award, 2001