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Ice Sports Centre Vienna
Refurbishment and new building to an ice sports centre (former Albert-Schultz ice-rink), Vienna, Austria 2008 - 2011
Client : Eissport Errichtungs-, Betriebs- und Management GmbH, Vienna
GFA: 40.440 m2
The “Albert-Schultz” ice-rink, inaugurated in 1994, could not meet the requirement profile for modern ice sport facilities anymore. The city of Vienna decided to rebuild the existing ice rink with an extension and additional buildings to an ice-sports-center.

The visitor capacity was increased from 4350 to the international standard of 7000 seats by addition of new stands on the north side and in the four corners of the main arena. The second ice rink is still reserved for training. The new ice rink accommodates up to 3000 visitors and is open for public. The reconstruction took place in the game free period.

The huge structure of the three roofs effortlessly spans the three ice rinks. It creates a generous space for a “promenade architecturale” that permits a sequence of insights and perspectives into the stadiums and onto the fields where the action is taking place. The handling of light, transparency, materiality and construction forms a continuous architectural guideline, within which dissimilar atmospheres have been created.
Every stadium, restaurant, the “public area”, the “golden club” and the “sky lounge” forms an appropriate and elegant ensemble.